A prespective change always meet demands. There is no compermise to what happens to it anyway. But stil, I'm not like what I used to be, and to those who think I've decided to go over the thing I don't wanna go thru, this is the time I might need to do some changes to myself and in my school life as well. Nowadays, School is now a major importance for me and I understand, we do have to work on real life things.

Why I'm starting to go to Semi-Active?

Well, as you have heard, I'm currently gonna work on School related work and also, getting ready to go to college. I don't know where to go next and I have to see what's next for me anyway. I can't even determine what college I'm going but I need to consider my final decision once the acceptance letters come in. Also, I have to get ready to work for School and other things, including on working with getting better grades. Of couse, you'll see me on the chat but I'm AFK for the most part of the day and I won't be talkin' since school is now my #1 Priority.

I also need to spend more time getting ready for the other things such as Homework, College applications, and among others as well. I know, better grades equals to a better chance to get into colleges. I can go home early but I can't spend so much time here. I will do occasional edits and if I do get time, work on the new content but again, as of 9.30.2014, I WILL BE SEMI-ACTIVE from now on.

What will not change...

I'll still be here :) But not as much durring much of the day other than the weekends and on holidays. I still have to focus on college essays, and tons more which is a really a major importance to me and my life. I might have to change some things but again, I'll continue to help with ya here but as mentioned before, I'll have to limit my time here at SNN, now that School is something I must do as well. I'll continue to work here but again, School is something I must do. I won't leave, but now, a Senior must get ready to see what's next for the future ahead.