Japan is now waking up to a Japanese version of Sonic Dash called LINE Sonic Dash S, which just recently have been released in Japan for Android and iOS devices. LINE Sonic Dash S (or simply Sonic Dash S) is really similar to Hardlight's Sonic Dash but only has Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, but the game does have similar features to Sonic Dash. Unlike it's international counterpart, there is a cut scene with Eggman in his Eggmobile having a Master Emerald, a chao, and also, some creatures possibly from Sonic Adventure that will allow you to gain skills. According to Sonic Paradise, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are in the Japanese version but there is no word from SEGA and Hardlight if any of such features will come to the Western Version of Sonic Dash. We'll keep you posted if any of this comes in, but here's some screenshots from Sonic Dash S (Shown Below).

Plus, my friend, Shadowunleashed13, had also gave me a Google Play link to Sonic Dash S, we'll I'm guessing that this app does exist (for Android users, click here to get it) and for iOS users, if you want to get it, click here. If it does not work outside of Japan, let me know in the comments. A friendly reminder, the game is in English and Japanese but they will plan to add more languages including Spanish, in future updates.

UPDATE (3:45 PM EST; 8:45 PM UTC): LINE Corperation just made some Press release at least a week ago from January 27, and this as I read is official game.

Sources: TSSZ News, Sonic Paradise, LINE Corporation Press Release