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    Sonic 2006

    September 9, 2012 by Neil 1000000

    Hi! Im new to this Network and wanted to share my opinion...

    Sonic 2006 had an AWESOME story line IMO. For everyone! But it lagged in it's own ways..

    SEGA shouldn’t of rushed the poor Sonic Team on this epic game..


    It would lag when hitting an opponent with Shadow. Or if Silver carried too many objects... If you press A then do a homing attack really quick with Sonic while grinding it'd glitch really bad.. Don't try it.. (Basically press A-A real quick) Some cut scenes were a little messed.. the talking was a bit off at times.. like with Sonic and Tails in the Desert and the cut scene where Eggman's robots fly in. Sonic says to be careful or whatever and his mouth was off 100% basically. Sonic's slide was also a little …

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