Hi! Im new to this Network and wanted to share my opinion...

Sonic 2006 had an AWESOME story line IMO. For everyone! But it lagged in it's own ways..

SEGA shouldn’t of rushed the poor Sonic Team on this epic game..


It would lag when hitting an opponent with Shadow. Or if Silver carried too many objects... If you press A then do a homing attack really quick with Sonic while grinding it'd glitch really bad.. Don't try it.. (Basically press A-A real quick) Some cut scenes were a little messed.. the talking was a bit off at times.. like with Sonic and Tails in the Desert and the cut scene where Eggman's robots fly in. Sonic says to be careful or whatever and his mouth was off 100% basically. Sonic's slide was also a little weird. Silver IS USELESS when battling Solaris. I don't even have to explain why its so obvious. (For 1 when you throw a rock back at him ((Phase 2)) it'd just hit another and it'd be useless.) Also the box glitch with Sonic everyone knows of.. (though that isn't that big of a deal..) You could stand upside down on a loop.. In Sonic's Wave Ocean level you can't even jump to the double loop thing near the start.. Plus Knuckles and Rouge were sticky when it came to jumping off those walls! There were countless bugs in this game.. I’m not saying that's awful, the end of the world.. -_- I’m saying that it was an issue in it's own ways. All games have bugs. Sometimes in my Assassins Creed Revelations game I find 4 guards (the average group) standing around doing nothing and I'll kill them but they just get back up! They are like.. invincible!!


It was a really cool story IMO. Mephiles was a really cool villain! Iblis was cool too, just not AS cool.. The fact that they had to join together to make Solaris, the final boss, was a brilliant idea!!! Mephiles should of shown himself more though... I wish he and Sonic could've at least seen one another.. Imagine if Sonic had a nightmare about Mephiles? That'd be cool!! I’m just saying they should've seen one another instead of it seeming like (In Sonic's point of view) that a total stranger killed him. XD If he and Mephiles were to meet they should obviously fight one another. In fact! That’s how it should of happened! Mephiles should of appeared, attempted to hit Sonic with his energy spear, Sonic dodges it after glancing over. Asks who he is and Mephiles says "That doesn't matter. You must die!" Then they battled. After you defeat him as a boss he uses the Chaos emerald to blind him as he did and then kills him. Silver's story was cool. He should of had another cut scene with Mephiles and he should of said "Tell me the truth Mephiles, is he the Iblis trigger!? Tell me! *Mephiles just turns his head. He then grabs Mephiles with his psychic power out of anger* *Mephiles breaks free and attempts to hit Silver with a shadow ball (as he did Shadow) After saying “Gah!? You fool!”* Silver gets hit. *Blaze comes running in and says. “ Silver! Are you ok?” *Silver gets up and says " I’m fine.. Blaze.. What matters is stopping him!" Mephiles is still standing there. Silver jumps up then they battle. Mephiles would be in the copied Shadow form. This would take place out in the woods. Sonic Team would decide how the end cut scene goes but this is what I THINK. This would occur after Silver and Shadow went back in time. They could add a few other tweaks to the story. I could imagine seeing a bit more of Knuckles. Maybe better animation since Elise looked really weird in some cut scenes. But all in all I loved the story!


The only way I can think of (other than remaking the game) is to add an update!! One that fixes most of the bugs. A hugggeee download for whatever price! Maybe even for free to make up for the bugs! They could add the rainbow gem and give it to Shadow and Silver along with other gems and the three Hedgehogs could all go super in any level once they obtain 50 rings. Consumes slowly though plz? :P They could fix Sonic's slide, change some of the levels a little, make Shadow faster, fix the gravity in some spots, make Silver a little faster too. (<- ALOT!!) It could all be in one update and not only could they make a lot of money! (mine included :P) But they could also fix Sonic 2006 once and for all!! Then there won't be as many complaints anymore and people like me will be grateful! AND DON’T FORGET TO FIX THE LOADING!!! THAT’S A BIG ONE!! Please do this SEGA.. I’m personally begging you guys and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who wants this.