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    Goodbye People

    March 5, 2014 by Neon Girl Star

    Yeah, I've started to get quite bored on this wiki so that's why I'm going to disable my account so I am going to say goodbye.

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    Here's a list of the characters in all Sonic media that I hate and the reasons why I hate them.

    I hate him because he looks like a recolor of Shadow (although this was a result of him absorbing Shadow's shadow). Another reason is because he sounded too much like Knuckles.

    I hate her because of her becoming an antagonist AND BECAUSE OF THAT SILLY YELLOW BOW IN HER HAIR!!! Seriously, it doesn't suit her at all!

    I hate Cosmo because of her and Tails being in love, I don't support child romance truthfully. Another reason why I hate her is because season 3 of Sonic X seemed to focus too much on her and Tails, and not so much Sonic.

    I really hate this character! It's because to me she is a Mary Sue of Amy Rose: 1. They wear hairbands 2. They both beca…

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    Problem's solved, read below.

    I decided to use Google Chrome and Visual mode works no problem.

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    There are many Sonic shippings (such as SonAmy which is shown a lot in Sonic fandom), but I've been thinking, Sega might be making Silvaze official.

    Here are my reasons:

    Silver and Blaze are friends in Sonic 2006

    • After the two go to the past with the help of Mephiles, Silver realizes that Blaze is no where to be seen, not mentioning Mephiles at all, Silver says to himself "I guess we all got separated.", he appears to sound upset about this.
    • After Silver goes though Tropical Jungle we see Blaze (at Wave Ocean) who tells herself that Silver acts insecure when he is alone, this could imply that Silver needs Blaze so he will feel more comfortable.
    • And at the end of Silver's story after the two come to the future, Silver is unable to bring himself t…

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    Alright people, I know there are a lot of people who hate Silver and I know one reason:

    .His voice, Hello?! Silver is no longer voiced by Pete Capella! I understand that a lot of people thought he sucked, but I actually think he did a good job, I'm ok with Silver now being voiced by Quinton Flynn, and I heard that people prefer him better than Pete.

    So, I got a question for all Silver haters: Why do you hate Silver?

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