Here's a list of the characters in all Sonic media that I hate and the reasons why I hate them.

Mephiles the DarkEdit

I hate him because he looks like a recolor of Shadow (although this was a result of him absorbing Shadow's shadow). Another reason is because he sounded too much like Knuckles.

Fiona FoxEdit

I hate her because of her becoming an antagonist AND BECAUSE OF THAT SILLY YELLOW BOW IN HER HAIR!!! Seriously, it doesn't suit her at all!

Cosmo the SeedrianEdit

I hate Cosmo because of her and Tails being in love, I don't support child romance truthfully. Another reason why I hate her is because season 3 of Sonic X seemed to focus too much on her and Tails, and not so much Sonic.

Mina MongooseEdit

I really hate this character! It's because to me she is a Mary Sue of Amy Rose: 1. They wear hairbands 2. They both became interested in Sonic 3. They tried to join the Freedom Fighters so they could be close to Sonic and got turn down due to their respective reasons although they were were later allowed in. I read that Mina was created as a character who would be attracted to Sonic, What? Archie couldn't use Amy in the way they would want her to? (just my guess though, I could be wrong) However, Mina now has a boyfriend (Ash). But that doesn't changed my opinion on her!


I hate this guy because of his voice, his design, and his role in the game (such as when he's all like he might get hungry if he ever got imprisoned by Eggman). I also disliked how he acted in most of the game especially when he reacted about being unable to remember who he really is but when he got his memory back, he became a bit more serious. I'm glad he hasn't appeared in later games.

E123 OmegaEdit

In the gameplay of Sonic Heroes, he kept on saying how Eggman's robots should be destroyed but  Shadow nor Rouge said anything about them in the first place. That's why I hate him!

Wave the SwallowEdit

I hate Wave so much! It is because of her rivalry with Tails, she insulted Sonic's extreme gear which had angered Tails. Wave also called Tails "Shorty" and you know what? She called him that again in her second appearence. Seriously, Tails is only a kid, stop bulling him like this Wave or I'll destroy YOU!!! (sorry, that was a bit silly, I know)

So there you have it, what do you think of these characters? Tell me in your comments below.