There are many Sonic shippings (such as SonAmy which is shown a lot in Sonic fandom), but I've been thinking, Sega might be making Silvaze official.

Here are my reasons:

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Silver and Blaze are friends in Sonic 2006

  • After the two go to the past with the help of Mephiles, Silver realizes that Blaze is no where to be seen, not mentioning Mephiles at all, Silver says to himself "I guess we all got separated.", he appears to sound upset about this.
  • After Silver goes though Tropical Jungle we see Blaze (at Wave Ocean) who tells herself that Silver acts insecure when he is alone, this could imply that Silver needs Blaze so he will feel more comfortable.
  • And at the end of Silver's story after the two come to the future, Silver is unable to bring himself to seal Blaze away with Iblis, so Blaze does it herself,
  • Blaze also said to him "You're still so Naive, but I've always like that about you.".
  • As Blaze floats away, Silver is distraught by this and after Blaze vanishes, Silver doesn't say anything and he puts his hand on his face possibly sad.

I know the events of Sonic 2006 were erased so all of this never happened.

Other games

  • Silver and Blaze have been seen together in later games like Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations looking like they are spending time together.

I can actually see this couple happening in the games.