I will be putting this story on here and SFW, but the SNN version of it, will be on this blog, so while I am doing this story, please tell me what you think.


Temporal and Eggman (sort of) switch brains, but instead of brains, they switch IQ's so Eggman has Temporal's IQ and Temporal has Eggman's IQ, but something happens.

Chapter 1

Temporal walks into MeteoTech, only to see Eggman, working on the New Death Egg, Temporal snecks around a group of Egg Pawns, then he heard Orbot talking to Eggman, Doctor, what are you going to do with the extra Egg Pawns that you have?, well you worthless piece of junk, I am going to remodel them to be the new EGG super Solders, that I will use to destroy Sonic, as Temporal over hears all of this news, then knocks a Egg Pawn over onto a machine called the Remote IQ Generator, then Eggman looked over to Temporal, to have the Generator zap Temporal and Eggman,