• Niktext

    I am back sooo.......

    February 26, 2012 by Niktext

    Hey everyone! I know this blog is not Sonic related, its more of just a blog about some things I will do as I have returned from the Block for about 2 months!

    1. I would like to apologize if anyone thought I was, in a way, rude to them or mean to them in anyway
    2. I hope to make many friends around here!
    3. I hope I am not making anyone annoyed, if so then mention in comment
    4. I would like to edit as many things as I can while I am here!
    5. I am working on another project but I will make time for the wiki that got me on wiki!
    6. I amvery good at judging Sonic art so if you want, I will judge your contest!
    7. I love to read and write so expect some pretty cool fan fics
    8. I am pretty daily on chat to talk to my fellow users!
    9. If you think that you could be my friend, leave…
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  • Niktext

    Niktext woke up, wet and dirty, with no where to go. He decided to just walk a little to the right, DEAD END! He went the other way and found a shadow...dark and all he could see were 2 yellow eyes staring at him..he thought he shouyld run but he thought "Why not ask directions?, he looks fine..except the eyes.." Here was the conversation:

    Niktext: "Hey sir or whatever you are, I have to find my way back so could you help me?"

    ???: I can help you with only one small way...

    Niktext: "Oh thanks cause I'm hungry!"

    ???: I want to show you the way to a good and adventerous life"

    Niktext: " Oh no, I must be dreaming...or is this real....?"

    ???: "This is all real but you must listen...."

    And the story goes on in this next part...: "You must be…

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  • Niktext

    It is a cold and sad looking one in site..but wait...what is that crossing the street? Two little kids going back to their homes. One was blue and spiny..the other a dark blue color and some black stripes in his spines. They both were just born a day ago and were learning how to crawl and trying new things. They were young and brave looking..and thats just how they are today....


    Two hedgehogs...running fast down the street of Westopolis and fighting over 100 robots at one. Both had same shoes and slightly same Spine Color. It got hard and it was pouring that day. A evil man was laughing as they both fought long and hard against the endless fleet of robots!! But of them with the balck stripes fell…

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  • Niktext

    Hey I am back!

    February 20, 2012 by Niktext

    Hey I am back and I hope I did not upset anyone. It seems that I upset some people and I am sorry. I hope everyone will accept me here on SNN! Thanks and glad to be back!

    I hope to make friends with everyone here


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  • Niktext

    Happy December to Everyone!

    December 5, 2011 by Niktext

    This is my Sonic related Christmas December Blog that I will update daily like Sonic videos that match this season! Check this blog everyday and enjoy here!. Tell me what you think in comments!! Come on down here and check out my blog also see more videos to come very quickly here!

    Also leave any christmas fan art here if you want!!

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