I have a Wikia you guys must see. It is still under development but if you guys wait it will have game guides and VG music and fun stuff like that.

It welcomes all fan characters and stuff like that so Ocme on down and help set up this new awsome place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not ad and yes it is Sonic Related and i did get permission from admin.


Please be good this wiki is newer!

And also fan Characters are allowed on my wiki so feel free to stop by and make one!

Some people asked if the wiki does EVERY video game and the ansewer is yes you may very well make pages about diffrent Video Game Characters. Also like i said Fan characters are allowed so dont be shy making fan stuff there. No this is not a fanon so dont go fan crazy there. Thanks and hope you can come!

UPDATE: So far the Wiki is doing great with many new visitors every day and editors but we need more content so please help out our new community!! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!