When we last Niktext the was five (actually it was like 15 years later woops) years after he was born...and one of his first adventures. It was a battle against Eggman...A hard battle against like 1000 robots but just then: Niktext fell into a sewer hole and he passed out...

The First Adventure

Niktext woke up, wet and dirty, with no where to go. He decided to just walk a little to the right, DEAD END! He went the other way and found a shadow...dark and all he could see were 2 yellow eyes staring at him..he thought he shouyld run but he thought "Why not ask directions?, he looks fine..except the eyes.." Here was the conversation:

Niktext: "Hey sir or whatever you are, I have to find my way back so could you help me?"

???: I can help you with only one small way...

Niktext: "Oh thanks cause I'm hungry!"

???: I want to show you the way to a good and adventerous life"

Niktext: " Oh no, I must be dreaming...or is this real....?"

???: "This is all real but you must listen...."

And the story goes on in this next part...: "You must be a brave Hedgehog to fight along Sonic himself eh? You have potentional so I will tell you to not go eat but to go out that entrance and fight Dr. Eggman...that portal will tell you everyting including what you need to go!" So niktext went and the portal felt wierd..all of the happend..he was gone and when he woke was odd...very odd....

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