Story of him

Niktext the hedgehog is a good friend of Sonic who helps Sonic and Tails whenever he can. He is a bookworm but hates scary books or movies. He has saved the world himself a few times from Eggman Nega! He is kind a loving and would never hurt anyone unless it was evil. He is a big fan of Sonic's World and is fascinated by aliens! He is not as fast as sonic but knows how to swim well and how to win a blinkig contest. He is very friendly and has a very small family. He is not rich nor poor but he does have his tax problems!

His Life!

He was very well educated and is currently earning money by collecting rings and volunteer work. He used to be a scarf maker but gave up that job and now lives in Green Hill Zone!

Like Sonic

The ansewer is he is not like Sonic but his speed is to match Tail's speed. But he is a great swimmer unlike sonic and he loves the water. He knew Sonic since he was 5.


Every FC has a backstory though and this FC has a good backstory! As a child he lived in Greeen Hill and studied at Central City all grades collage! He was a good student and his family was very good always! He helped out his community a lot and he never had a bad tradgedy in his entire life! And he always helped sonic as a kid! Now he is a fully mature Hedgehog who loves to save the world and is currently working on a time machine he was working on for a while!

Best Thing He Has Ever Done

The best thing he has ever done is save Sonic;s World alongside Sonic onece against Eggmans Super Robots!! He has saved the world many times but this was great since Sonic was captured and he had to save him!!