About a day after Sonic came to this world, came one new hedgehog. His name? niktext. He was Sonics best friend ever since. Now a computer genius and a book writer. This will explain more about his past though. How it was like, his firends, and a bunch more. Perhaps it was a mistake he went on all these adventures..or maybe it was destiny! Now you will see the adventure of him: Niktext and his adventures.....!

The First time!

It is a cold and sad looking one in site..but wait...what is that crossing the street? Two little kids going back to their homes. One was blue and spiny..the other a dark blue color and some black stripes in his spines. They both were just born a day ago and were learning how to crawl and trying new things. They were young and brave looking..and thats just how they are today....


Two hedgehogs...running fast down the street of Westopolis and fighting over 100 robots at one. Both had same shoes and slightly same Spine Color. It got hard and it was pouring that day. A evil man was laughing as they both fought long and hard against the endless fleet of robots!! But of them with the balck stripes fell into a sewer hole! All of the light..and before he knew...he has passed out...

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