I'm HiddenChaos and on September ninth is my 6 month anniversary on Wikia. This is my story. 

It all started on March 9th 2014 when I realized I wanted to spread my Sonic Fandom to all across The Internet. I just turned 13 on February 28 and I joined Wikia. I had a friend draw my two Sonic OC and then I posted it on Sonic Fanon my Origin. My first edit was on March 20 2014 I Did roleplaying on Fanon but was ignored. I remember I had a love for Blaze the Cat and Hate for Silvaze and I used that on a roleplay. 

I had the fortunate to make a new friend named MegaPhantaze and we Roleplayed on my Couple Joshaze Josh the Cat X Blaze the Cat. I then started to Roleplay with him on Skype. He was my only friend. He drew me the first Joshaze picture. 

Things went down hill on April 7th 2014 Mega Introduced me to the SFW Chat and I was happy to social there. I however was not behaving or following rules. I got banned for a week. The next week I came back and talked about my crush on Blaze i got banned again until April 20 2014

SFW Teased me and manipulated me with bots. I got banned for one whole month. Things just got worst from their that week when I went to Sonic Fan Character Wiki. I felt like I was garbage their and It just got very bad. 

However it all led up to April 27 2014 I joined SNN. 

It wasn't all so good though I went through being weird on May 4th I started to be even more mean to people who didn't like Joshaze and supported Silvaze It was horrid. 

My feelings for Blaze grew. I met BlueFlametheAman who understood what was going on with me. He was so understanding and stood by my side. I Met him and I was going through many changes And my behavior would just get worse. Everything was falling a part. 

I was flaming on DeviantArt and I was hated. 


July 20 2014 I met two people of the names AstralSonic And AstralBlaze.

I felt bad for flaming Astral Blaze after I talked to Astral Sonic the two have helped me and on that day I will remember as my breakthrough. 

On that day as well the Joshaze started to rise and me breakingthrough I made amends. I came fast friends with more people. BlueFlametheAman Was so proud and i kept going forward positive. 

He never gave up on me.

The Fanbrats don't scare me. 




I made mistakes because I am still very emotional. I'm not perfect but no one os. I can't change the past I can only learn from it to enjoy the present and decide my future. Your always gonna be ready for the Future. 

I made a few mistakes since then but i learned from them. 

In conclusion Coming to SNN Was the best thing to ever happen to me. I learned from my mistakes and I couldn't be more happier. I made wonderful friends and I never wanna trade them. 

I am still learning everyday.

I still have a long way to go but i know for one thing is that my light at the end is brighter than it used to be.