Hey guys, I'm back with some new stuff! I recently saw some footage of Sonic '06 (i.e. Johnny vs. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) on YouTube) and saw Shadow's version of Kingdom Valley. I thought the hovercraft was really cool, and I wanted to practice spriting. The end result is this, created from parts of the T1 Tornado and the infamous EggRobo. Also, notice the litttle sprite below the title of the sheet? Ladies and gentlemen, please give a nice warm welcome to my fan character, Dugbe! I'll blog about him some other time, but I thought this sprite sheet was the perfect opportunity to show him to everybody here on SNN. This is my very first sprite sheet ever, so please leave feedback so I can get better at spriting. Thanks! 
G.U.N. Hovercraft

The G.U.N. Hovercraft in all it's 16-bit glory...