Hello, SNN! My name is- wait, you already know my name, sorry. At any rate, I found this wikia by fate...actually, I first learned of Brickipedia ( Then I thought, "What if I change '' to ''. I found the Mario Wiki, then decided to put 'sonic' instead of 'mario', and found SNN. Here, I learned more about the Sonic continuity, and I became a regular visitor. I told my neighbor, who signed up for the wiki and became Shadowunleashed13. I loved this wiki, but didn't know how to sign up. Unleashed told me how to join, and several months later, joined SNN.

  • I don't have unlimited internet... yet! But once I get it, I should be editing a lot more.
  • I am a rookie artist, and I specialize in cartoonism. While I specialize in cartoonism, I can still draw most objects realistically, especially Badniks.
  • For those of you who hadn't guessed from the above, my favorite subject in school is art.
  • I like baseball, and my favorite team is the Baltimore Orioles.
  • My favorite music? Music from Sonic games, of course! Unleashed was able to get music from the games from a great website called SoaH City. I have at least 100 songs from Sonic games on my iPod Touch.
  • My favorite song is Big Arms Sonic Generations remix (RMX, for those who love acronyms).

Hope to see you around! --Nitronack369 (talk) 20:26, September 15, 2012 (UTC)