So I recently finished Sonic Unleashed on the Xbox 360, and had the Werehog on the mind. I started noticing even more similarities in the Werehog's platforming to Ristar, and I had a question: How would the Werehog play in 2D, specifically during the Classic Era. So I played the Werehog and Ristar back-to-back, and found some footage of Sonic Unleashed Mobile to get some ideas going. Here's what I've come up with:

  • A - Still used for jumping like every other platform game on the planet
  • B - Used for throwing punches similar to Ristar's grab
  • C - Used for grabbing like Ristar
  • D-Pad - Left and right for movement, used in conjunction with "B" or "C" to aim direction
I've also been researching Ristar's sprite animations, and results have been interesting. Ristar's arms when grabbing become vector lines that simply link the body with the hands, most likely to work around programming issues, and the Werehog in Unleashed Mobile appears to use a similar tactic. So I used GIMP to throw together a basic concept:
Classic Werehog

Something I Frankenstein'd with Sonic 2, CD, and Unleashed Mobile

The red lines represent vector lines while the 2 pixels of neon green on Sonic represent the "anchor points." I don't have the slightest idea about ROM hacking (or computer coding in general), so I'm a bit stuck on where to go with this (Sonic Retro?). If any of you guys have some ideas, feel free to let me know.