With me and Unleashed working on the Let's Plays for the first two Sonic the Hedgehog titles on Genesis, we've been discussing how to make the LP relate to the wiki. We've come up with the idea to split the Let's Plays into parts, with each part focusing on a single zone to link to their respective articles. My idea for handling Sonic 1 was this: Part 1: Introduction to SNN beginning an LP series for Sonic the Hedgehog.

Part 2: Green Hill Zone: Commentary to introduce the player to the abilities of Sonic and how Green Hill accustoms the player to such.

Part 3: Marble Zone: Discussing how this level may have scared away first-time players and how it's difficulty spike.

Part 4: Spring Yard: Chatting about the momentum based physics in a level filled with potential for speed.

Part 5: Labyrinth Zone: Talking about Sonic's inability to swim and how this affects gameplay drastically.

Part 6: Starlight Zone: Showing that alternate paths that can make the zone either a breeze or a nightmare.

Part 7: Scrap Brain Zone: Displaying the trials and tribulations required to best Dr. Eggman's base of operations and save the day.

Part 8: I end part 7 on the "bad ending" of the game, and explain the importance of the Chaos Emeralds. I then use Sonic 1 SAGE Edition to show off the Special Stages in an entire part, beat Final Zone once more, and show the true ending the game that started it all.

If there is another way SNN would like me to approach this LP, by all means let me know , as this LP will be representing SNN in it's entirety.