Hello again, SNN. I'm back, and rumors of my death have been greatly exagerated (did I mention I'm prone to sarcasm?) I have some news for every one. As most of you know, a project called Sonic 2 HD was in progress until April of this year, when Team S2HD member LOst left the project. He took the source code with him, so the project was set back to the point where Team S2HD said Sonic 2 HD was cancelled. But then again, you all are aware of this. Anyway, there is an Alpha release of the game on the Internet, using the same source code that would be used in the final. Let me reapeat, the SAME source code. If a hacker/programmer were to reverse engineer the Alpha and put the data on a information sharing website, then an fan game development team could continue work on the game. Almost all music from Sonic 2 was remixed for the game before "cancellation", so this is not a big problem. If there are any hackers/programmers/fangame developers here on the Sonic News Network, I ask that you carry the torch and continue a project that would have been Sonic 2 in it's greatest form. If you weren't aware of the game until just now, try looking it up on YouTube, you're bound to find something eventually. Well,what do you think SNN?