A lot of these guys keep swearing too much


(scene 1: any stage) Shadow: (gets hit) Damn it!

(Scene 2: Any stage) Shadow: (falling in a pit in fear) Damn! Not here!

(scene 3: Circus Park) Shadow: Where's that Damn fourth Chaos Emerald!

(scene 4: Mad Matrix battlefield) Espio: Damn! We've been detected!

(scene 5: GUN Fortress) Commander: Shadow! Damn you! It's been 50 years... justice will finally be served!

(scene 6: GUN Fortress) Commander: (ponds his hand on the desk) Damn you!

(scene 7: Eclipse cannon control room battlefield) Shadow: Damn it! What does it all mean!? These memories... the doctors actions and words... nothing makes sense!!

(scene 8: ARK bridge from 50 years ago) Shadow: (to Maria) I promise, Maria! I swear... Whatever it takes, I will take care of the ARK and the professor!

(scene 9: Black comet) Shadow: (kneeling down in horror) DAMN YOU!! NO! IT'S NOT TRUE!!!

(scene: 10: GUN fortress; after Shadow got all the chaos emeralds, after he defeated Diablon and Sonic) Shadow: With the power of these emeralds, I'm going to destroy this damn planet! (three seconds later...) THIS IS WHO I AM!!! (laughing evilly)