Also, comics postponed indefinite.

This month, every week, I'll make a blog, posting the "Un"s of Sonic!

This week, I decided for Un-Original gameplay. While Sonic games have a certain unique quality to them, sometimes, they're just... blah. The gameplay can be the source of those blahs, which can range from uniqueness, to overall horrible. My personal pick for Un-Original Gameplay would be...

...360's Werehog in Sonic Unleashed.

Arguably, this could've gone to either of the Unleashed versions, but, scrutinizing it, 360's moveset is more closer to SA2's Treasure Hunting style than Wii's. The combo's in it are similar to SA2 and Street Fighter, while it's strechy claws are found in Ristar.

So, what's YOUR pick for most Un-Original Gameplay?

Let the boos and hissing begin!