Bullet. Please don’t leave the wiki. I know you still feel ashamed about what you’ve done, but if you come back, we will forgive you, and we will eventually put this all behind us. You probably already know this by now, but Jake is coming back. I bet if you come on the chat room and you guys apologize to each other, you might feel a little better. I know you’re still recovering from your “Trauma”, and believe it or not, I f I had trauma before. I’ve even thought about cutting my wrists sometimes. Just like you, I am always saying rude things when I don’t mean to. But I learn to deal with it. We can try to give you some emotional support about your trauma. Let’s go back to the good ol days, where we played Brawl/MKW, and we don’t have any problems between each other. Please. I’m pouring my heart and soul into this message. I hope you read this message, Bullet.

Yours Truly, Your Pal, Ohmygod123.