This blog was made by me and my fellow users here on SNN. We're here to celebrate the birthday of MetalMickey272, who I'm pretty sure most of us here consider to be the heart and soul of SNN. I remember when I first met Metal here in October of 2011, when he was just a chat mod by the name of MetalShadow272. And over the course of the past few years, he has brought us all joy and laughter on the SNN chat, and he has impacted us all in some way. Here's what some of the people have to say:


"MetalMickey272 is my best friend on the wiki. He's always been there for me and he's helped me through the toughest times. We laugh together, share our ideas, and sometimes get emotional with each other, which is what I would say defines someone as your best friend."


"Cheers, for being such a great mod."


"Happy birthday, Metal! I hope you can enjoy this day to it's fullest."


"Happy birthday Metal-senpai! I'll proceed to bombard your PMs with Starco pics. :3"


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are finally legal to smoke!"


"Metal, congrats on your winning of the Pants of Steel trophy. May the Force ever be in your favor.


"Happy Birthday, Metal! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with much joy and laughter."


"But seriously, you've been one of my friends here since I started on this site. And out of all the friends here who have come and gone, I'm glad to see you're one of the ones that stayed. Happy birthday."


"For being such a great friend and always giving us all laughs with your clever humor Happy Birthday Metal. Good luck with your goals!"


"To one of the bestest friends I've ever had. Metal, you've helped me realize my true potential, help me come up with a lot of ideas for my series, and I've felt like we've always had a special connection. Even if sometimes we argue, we always pull through. I can't wait to hopefully work with you someday, and help each other make our animated shows a reality. I love you, man. Happy birthday, bro."