I have a challenge for all Sonic Fans.  I been trying to do it myself but it would cost ****(sorry for my language) load of money.  But it will not take so much time.  The challenge is this; in Sonic Generations Mushroom Hill Modern Act 2 for the 3DS,  after the last check point and before the grinding against the hedgehog eating flowers.  If you take the middle route, if you slow down before the spring you can see a Butterdroid in the foreground.  All I can say is this is the best image of Butterdroid I ever seen and I have drawn it.  I will say this much ever since the game came out all the videos, the player pass by it so fast and avoid the amazement of the game and so the videos just pass the best screen shot.  If even you wait a few minutes and watch the Butterdroid it will not attack you.  This is my closest image I got I am sorry it is blurry.

Fore Ground Butterdroid Challenge

Sorry it is blurry but this is the challenge to make this better