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  • Ouroburos.TheNewSaurian

    Hey, guys! 'Tis the almighty Ouroburos (may not be as powerful here as he was on Game Ideas Wiki, btw) with a new blog. Now the reason I made this blog is very simple: who do you, the users here, prefer as the greatest voice actor for Sonic? Personally, I don't find anyone as "the greatest", but of course I have my favorites down below:

    1st: Roger Craig Smith - Despite what people say about his performance for the Blue Blur, I honestly don't care and will say that he IS without a doubt (aside from Drummond and Junichi) the best voice for Sonic. His wisecrackingness is still present, but Smith also delivers one-liners that are outright hilarious from time to time (the writers from Madworld and Happy Tree Friends FTW!) So even with the maturi…

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  • Ouroburos.TheNewSaurian

    Hey hey, party people! I know some of us out there, for the most part, think that fan characters aren't really as tolerable as you think on this Wiki because this is mostly meant for actual information and whatnot. I'm thinking most of you are also not gonna approve of this, but recently, I made a fan character who looks like this:

    Say what you'd like, but I think this guy would be absolutely perfect for fanfiction purpose. If you see on my user page, I put "Ashura the Hedgehog" as one of my fan characters, yet I never made him... Someone else did. If you look on the Game Ideas Wiki, he has his own character article where I made a little backstory for him, as he appears in one of our game ideas, Sonic the Fighters 2. Now as for this blog in …

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  • Ouroburos.TheNewSaurian

    Hey, all! If any of you have or haven't realized, then you should know that the Sega CD title Sonic CD (which is debatably the best Sonic game of all time) has been around for quite a long time now. Right next to Snatcher, many view Sonic CD as one of the better released titles on that failed console, the Sega CD, of course. As years have passed, Sonic CD has been released for the PC (complete with high quality animation for the opening and ending videos, reminiscent of the Sonic OVA) and then immediately came as an additional game in the Sonic Gems Collection compilation (where this version mimicks the PC port, albeit very little changes) And finally on August 23, 2011, Microsoft's Larry Hyrb announced on a blog post that Sonic CD would b…

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  • Ouroburos.TheNewSaurian

    Sonic 3D Blast is honestly not my favorite Sonic game, however, I will at least give that installment credit for making future 3D titles have a name... Except for at least two titles, which I'm sure you are already aware of... But enough of that! I made this blog as an opinion sorta thing for the soundtrack of 3D Blast. The original Genesis version has music composition by Jun Senoue, while both the Saturn and PC versions are composed by Richard Jacques.

    The real question is, however, which soundtrack is your favorite? I'm one of the few people in the world to actually prefer the original Genesis soundtrack, which has the classic Sonic feel and song structures that would later give a nod to future entries such as Sonic Adventure and Sonic …

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  • Ouroburos.TheNewSaurian

    Hello, fellow SNN users! Here are my top 10 best installments from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise...

    • 10. Sonic Unleashed [Wii/PS2]
    • 9. Sonic Unleashed [PS3/360]
    • 8. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I
    • 7. Sonic Spinball
    • 6. Sonic Adventure
    • 5. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
    • 4. Sonic CD
    • 3. Sonic Colors
    • 2. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

    and for my #1 pick......

    • 1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2!

    Now let me know about your Top 10 best Sonic games.... Sayonara, amigos!

    "The force will be with you... Always." 00:42, June 7, 2011 (UTC)Ouroburos.TheNewSaurian

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