Sonic 3D Blast is honestly not my favorite Sonic game, however, I will at least give that installment credit for making future 3D titles have a name... Except for at least two titles, which I'm sure you are already aware of... But enough of that! I made this blog as an opinion sorta thing for the soundtrack of 3D Blast. The original Genesis version has music composition by Jun Senoue, while both the Saturn and PC versions are composed by Richard Jacques.

The real question is, however, which soundtrack is your favorite? I'm one of the few people in the world to actually prefer the original Genesis soundtrack, which has the classic Sonic feel and song structures that would later give a nod to future entries such as Sonic Adventure and Sonic 4. For starters, I don't dislike the Saturn port, but the majority of the music for that version seemed pretty forgettable to me... The only tracks I could get into were Diamond Dust Zone's Act 1 theme, Gene Gadget's Act 1 and 2 themes, and of course, the Special Stage track. Overall, I think the Sega Genesis version won this round despite its poor sound quality.