Hey, all! If any of you have or haven't realized, then you should know that the Sega CD title Sonic CD (which is debatably the best Sonic game of all time) has been around for quite a long time now. Right next to Snatcher, many view Sonic CD as one of the better released titles on that failed console, the Sega CD, of course. As years have passed, Sonic CD has been released for the PC (complete with high quality animation for the opening and ending videos, reminiscent of the Sonic OVA) and then immediately came as an additional game in the Sonic Gems Collection compilation (where this version mimicks the PC port, albeit very little changes) And finally on August 23, 2011, Microsoft's Larry Hyrb announced on a blog post that Sonic CD would be listed as an Xbox Live Arcade title. Two days later, Sega immediately announced that Sonic CD would also be rereleased for the Playstation Network, PC, iOS, and mobile phones around Winter of this year (I'm guessing mainly December, because Winter doesn't take place in November) The port is being developed in "scratch" form by utilizing a 'Retro Engine'. The improvements are as follows: what with widescreen graphics, the use of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 spin-dash physics, the option to put either the USA OST or the original Japanese version, achievement and trophy support, and iOS features. NOW THIS IS A RERELEASE WORTH MENTIONING!!!! Granted, the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition release was nice, but the remixed music by Simon Viklund didn't do much for me, some of the sound effects can be out of place (according to The Fighters Generation, that is) and the controls on the controllers are still a bit slowed, but overall not half-bad.

But still, I'm looking forward to seeing Sonic CD's rerelease for the end of 2011 go out with a big bang! Once you check out YouTube videos of this, I bet most of the players will change the soundtrack to Japanese... :)