I am going to be playing all the zones from past games in era order of the console ver. of generations and i'm going for the best result i can! Of course, i will not do boss zones. (Not all the bosses are confirmed, I haven't made it to death egg zone, and the last time i saw sonic gems collection i found it smashed in half.) (I didn't smash it though 'cuz i loved the games on it.) And in case your wondering i'm doing this so i can relize how much better these zones are in generations.

Zones cleared


Could you help?

I finally got rush and it's epic! My only problem... the special zone... I don't know how to enter it... Could you tell me how?...heh,heh.

LEGO... Sonic... the game?

This might sound crazy but it could work in the following ways.

  1. Figure heads - They could be made out of special material like the LEGO spongebob sets.
  2. Sonic speed - Special locations that can make characters go as fast as boost mode!
  3. Plot - Loosely based on generations.
  4. Ecxlusive zones - Many characters in the series have ecxlusive abilities, so why not make exclusive zones for these powers?


Classic era

  1. It shows sonics party and stuff like that, nothing to special. Funny instances include cheese popping a balloon, (Nearly turning him ghost pale with fear) and tails racing into the vortex to save his cake only to epic fail.
  2. It shows classic eggman locating both sonics and he runs for the elevator to alert metal sonic and activate the giant mech. Funny scenes include classic eggman nearly being shot by a missle from the giant mech, EGG pawns stuffing the amunition in the giant mech with rubber duckies, metal sonic sinking down in the pilot seat of the giant mech after being spotted by eggman, and eggman pointing at a warning sign showing eggman taking a bath. (Basically saying he needs to take a bath)

Something non-sonic to say

All of this has been sonic so far so i have one thing to say, NO ONES JOINED MY WIKI!!!!!!!!!! Here's the link now join if ya want, good day.

My opinion on rush...

This is my opinion on the features of rush...

Gameplay: Reminds me of the advance games so it's just to awesome for words! And blaze triples this opinion!

Soundtrack: Awesome!!!! (Especially blazes version's of the songs)

Special zones: Albeit the final one is next to impossible they remind me of sonic 2's special stages so this is awesome to!

Levels: They have awesome designs & the emerald color order is remeniscent of sonic advance 3, so it's awesome!

Score 4/4

My chao

Here is a list of chao i own in SA2:

Neutral garden

  • Bingo - A hero chao that was born naturally. It sports an apple. No added traits.
  • Bludow - A dark that was born from a blue egg. It sports gorilla eyebrows and hands in an atempt to make it look like sonic the werehog. Run trait added. Son of bandito & yoko.
  • Chaos - Migrated from SADX. It is neutral so far, no traits. It is sky blue.
  • Angel - A hero chao that was born from a shiny blue egg. That's it for now. Daughter of bandito & crystal i think...
  • Devil - A dark chao born from a blue egg. That's it for now. Son of bandito i think...
  • Sonic - A blue sonic chao. Son of bandito & yoko.
  • Pegasus - A blue neutral chao with unicorn body parts. Son of bandito & yoko.
  • Crystal - A shiny blue begginer sonic chao.

Hero garden

  • Bandito - A blue hero chao with dragon body parts.
  • Yoko - An orange hero chao with an egg shell cap & pheonix body parts.
  • Fuzzy - A white hero chao with seal body parts.
  • Chaz - A white hero chao sporting tiger body parts.
  • Grayo - A grey hero chao sporting boar body parts.
  • Chippy - An orange hero chao sporting an egg shell & peacock body parts. Son of yoko & ???
  • Arron - A 2-tone grey NiGHTS chao. Son of grayo & bingo.
  • Kiyoko - An orange hero chao sporting an egg shell & parrot body parts. Daughter of yoko & ???

Dark garden

  • Spike - A dark chao sporting boar body parts.
  • Lucy - A green dark chao sporting a pan on her head.
  • Frank - A green dark chao sporting goat body parts i think...
  • Casper - A white dark chao sporting goat body parts i think... Also wears a skull.
  • Skull - A blue dark chao sporting a skull & boar body parts. Son of bandito & yoko.
  • Jack - An orange dark chao sporting a pumpkin & boar body parts. Son of bandito & yoko.
  • Beshino - A shiny orange dark chao. Son of crystal & yoko.
  • Ace - A blitz shadow chao. (Black & orange since birth) Son of beshino & spike.

3 eras & their trailers

First off, i now have 6/7 emeralds in rush. (Pinkolol was right, the last one is a pain!) And now i will show you the trailers for generations.

thumb|300px|left|Classic era


thumb|left|400px|Modern era


Songs from SG

thumb|300px|left|Chemical Plant (Modern)thumb|300px|right|Big Arm