OK, this is seriously concerning me. When I first got the game i checked the instruction booklet for spoilers and noticed something... All the levels ended with zone, Meadow zone, Beach zone etc. But I simply ignored that and moved on. Then it was time for the plot... Here's how it goes, Mew is the gaurdian of a plaza in the skies above the PokePark. It's called the Sky Pavillion. Well, it stays afloat by a sacred power gem called the Sky Prism. It breaks and Pikachu has to find the shards and return them to the Sky Pavillion before the Sky Pavillion collapses on the PokePark. Let's recap shall we? A creature that happens to be the last of it's kind gaurds A sacred gem on An island in the sky. After the gem breaks the island starts to fall and now someone has to collect the shards and return it to the island. Is it just me or is this SA1 all over again? Even when the prism was revived it looked like they ripped it from SA1 when knuckles restored the Master Emerald! Well my work here is done.