Wow am I late as usual. Sry I haven't been around lately. Either way, here is what I got for the most wonderful time of the year:


  1. Mario Kart 7 (18th)
  2. Tornado Lacertia (18th)
  3. A 3DS (24th)
  4. HP 8- film collection (24th)
  5. Kirby's return to Dreamland (25th) (Albeit I can't play it, my Wii won't load games. I'll have to get it checked out)
  6. Android Tablet (25th) (Need Wi- fi though.. Lawl. KRD and this is both the only things I got from mom... Can't use 'em though, ah well)
  7. Sensei Wu (25th)
  8. Lord Garmeddon (25th)

So what did you all get for Christmas? Tell me in the comments below. And also PLZ update me about what went on when I was gone!