Now, for newer users, you might be wondering, what's WtC? Well, it was a blog series I made back in 2011 that the community was quite involved in. Basically, it was a contest between several characters to see, well, Who's The Coolest. I've managed to achieve my SNN side goal of being a chat mderator, but my goal of bringing back WtC remained something I've yet to do. Now, for SNN's 10th, I'll be holding WtC contests throughout August leading to September. It'll start today and continue until August 23rd, the day WtC started. With a potential continuation from Spetember 1st, the day the first WtC ended, to 9/11, the wiki's anniversary. I'll post comments in the comments with "vote [fighter here]", and you can vote for that fighter by replying in the comments. First fighter to 7 wins! Now, in the most controversial moment of the original WtC run, (Besides the fact that it got a sequel) Meta Knight won the "Who's the Coolest rival" battle, outdoing Shadow by a margin. Now, the two fighter's are back, and we're left to see if this still holds true. Without further ado...........

Who's the Coolest Rival? REMATCH!

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