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  • PabloDePablo

    I'm back again, with another series of blogs. This series will be about DLC for Generations, and I will start with this one: Forgotten Classics, which goes over games left out of the game in Classic Era.

    1. Quartz Quadrant from Sonic CD. Character Saved: Mighty
    Quartz Quadrant would be presented in a new way, with Classic going through the Past and Modern in a stage that mixes Present with Bad Future. Special gimmicks include the oozy form of crystal, which slows Sonic down when he is in contact of it, conveyor belts in some routes, and circular pieces of crystal that Modern can Homing Attack to get across pits. Modern is mainly a speedy ride with many hordes of Badniks to beat down, with 2D platformer sections that make good use of Wall Jumps,…

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  • PabloDePablo

    Ok, here we go.

    • Sonic 2006
    • Sonic Rush
      • Explanation: I think that the dimension Blaze sealed herself into was the Sol Dimesion. Never played '06 much, so I may not have the best judgement (Seriously, I've only played SA2B, at least the first stage of all the 4 original Genesis games, 06, Shadow, Colors, Unleashed and Generations. Only beaten Generations.)
    • Sonic Unleashed
    • Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
    • Sonic and the Black Knight
      • Explanation: I guess maybe Sonic plays along with the whole Dexter thing up until Amy admits his obvious fakeness and feels guilt. Not so sure how that works, but sadly, since the Storybook games are hard to place, I just think of whatever scenario is able to explain that spot.
    • Sonic Rush Adventure
    • Sonic and the Secre…
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  • PabloDePablo

    Ok, since I can fly through these, here's my opinion on Dreamcast Era's canon.

    • Sonic Adventure
    • Sonic Advance
      • Explaination: Since only a passing reference of SA1 shows up in SA2, I think something just as notable must have happened for no one to largely refer to SA1.
    • Sonic Adventure 2
    • Sonic Advance 2
    • Sonic Heroes
    • Sonic Battle
    • Sonic Advance 3
    • Shadow the Hedgehog

    Since the Dreamcast Era is very linear in how it works, having the 2 Adventures and 3 Advances pretty much back to back, I had my work cut out for me. I put Heroes right before Battle because I think Battle may have had a reference to Heroes, not sure since I haven't actually played Battle. (I actually got that info from this wiki =P) Modern will be up soon, which I actually have to put effort…

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  • PabloDePablo

    I will put in the list of games in order of my idea of canon, with brief explanations where needed. Spoilers of Generations ahead, so don't view if you don't want them.

    • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Sonic 2
    • Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    • Sonic Generations (from Classic Sonic's viewpoint)
      • Explanation: Classic Sonic starts off traversing Green Hill Zone for fun after beating Robotinik, and then the rest of the game unfurls. After seeing Modern Sonic boosting, using the Homing Attack, and other abilities, he goes of on a chain of adventures in attempt to learn these skills.
    • Sonic Chaos
    • Sonic Triple Trouble
    • Sonic 3D Blast at the same time as Tails Adventure
      • Explanation: Sonic decides that he needs to go on solo adventures in order to perfect the new moves, and thus, splits…

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