I'm back again, with another series of blogs. This series will be about DLC for Generations, and I will start with this one: Forgotten Classics, which goes over games left out of the game in Classic Era.

  1. Quartz Quadrant from Sonic CD. Character Saved: Mighty
Quartz Quadrant would be presented in a new way, with Classic going through the Past and Modern in a stage that mixes Present with Bad Future. Special gimmicks include the oozy form of crystal, which slows Sonic down when he is in contact of it, conveyor belts in some routes, and circular pieces of crystal that Modern can Homing Attack to get across pits. Modern is mainly a speedy ride with many hordes of Badniks to beat down, with 2D platformer sections that make good use of Wall Jumps, while Classic is a platforming level with precise timing needed, with the occasional speedy section for good measure.
2.   Robotnik Winter Zone from Sonic Triple Trouble.  Characters Saved: Bean and Bark 
Robotinik Winter Zone appears, with many elements of Ice Cap Zone for fans who wanted that for the S3&K level. It features many gimmicks from Sonic's past, like Classic getting a snowboarding section. Modern gets a section where he goes down hill on a sled (think like Planet Wisp with the platforms you jump on and boost, but in 3D) and jumps off the sled in mid-air after it lands on top of a geyser. Giga Pen, the boss of the original zone, appears as a larger enemy for Classic only, but instead of staying nearby, it freezes the exits to the cave Classic's in, drops in the normal enemies, then flies away until Classic beats them all, coming back only to be beaten and explode by the exit, letting Classic out. All in all, Classic gets a lot of enemies while Modern gets a more free, wild ride level.
  3. Techno Tower from Knuckles' Chaotix  Characters Saved: Heavy and Bomb 
Techno Tower is back and this time Sonic's rushing through! Modern involves lots of Wall Jumps in 2D and going through lots of the classic 'Spring to Red/Rainbow Ring to air to other side of pit' formula. Classic, on the other hand, is going downward, being chased by Badniks all the way. Modern also gets lots of rails to grind on, and many sidestepping sections. All of the 2D gameplay here is like in the parts where you go in 2D but you can tell it's on a cylinder shape.
   4.  Rival Battle: Fang the Sniper on the 2nd/4th Special Stage from Sonic Triple Trouble.
Fight Fang in the Marvelous Queen as Modern Sonic! Go in for the attack by using Homing Attacks, but watch out, cuz' the Marvelous Queen has a few tricks: not only does it use the bouncing springs, but also it uses homing rockets that you have to move towards the Marvelous Queen to not get hit! The hardest part is that you're on top of the Tornado and missing an attack means instant death!

Well, that's my Forgotten Classics DLC idea. Also includes 18 new challenges. (3 for each normal stage, Classic and Modern both get 3 individual challenges)