• Pacburst14

    For my first ever blog post, I want to put up a little story I thought of. The story, as the title suggests, is during the events of Sonic Colors, specifically what would be occurring while Sonic is running and fighting.

    (After what would be Act 2 in Sweet Mountain, Sonic and Tails stand and talk beyond the goal point, looking out at the landscape of the candied planet known as Sweet Mountain, as well as Eggman's unfortunate additions to the planet.)

    Sonic: Looks like Eggman can make anything evil, even a candy planet. Real shame.

    Tails: Still, once you take Eggman and his robots away, this is a pretty special place. I could never have imagined there would be a place like this out there in the universe. And the Wisps seem to love this place, do…

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