For my first ever blog post, I want to put up a little story I thought of. The story, as the title suggests, is during the events of Sonic Colors, specifically what would be occurring while Sonic is running and fighting.

(After what would be Act 2 in Sweet Mountain, Sonic and Tails stand and talk beyond the goal point, looking out at the landscape of the candied planet known as Sweet Mountain, as well as Eggman's unfortunate additions to the planet.)

Sonic: Looks like Eggman can make anything evil, even a candy planet. Real shame.

Tails: Still, once you take Eggman and his robots away, this is a pretty special place. I could never have imagined there would be a place like this out there in the universe. And the Wisps seem to love this place, don't they?

Sonic: I don't blame them. Every sweet you can think of is here: cake mountains, lollipops, jello, cookies...

Tails: And giant donuts, and gingerbread men, and jelly beans...we could spend a whole day going through all the treats. Well, except for one thing. I don't really understand what giant cheeseburger towers are doing in the middle of a sweet place like this.

Sonic: Eggman was the one who took over the planet. May he just started craving burgers when he did. I mean, it's Eggman, right?

Tails: You've got a point. They may not fit in with the scenery, but, (chuckles) I wouldn't mind taking a bite out of a cheeseburger as big as these.

Tails then locked his eyes on one of the towers, closing his eyes and letting his mind drift. He imagined himself as a giant, standing face to face with the tower itself, licking his lips and rubbing his hands together. With great glee, he picked up the peak, a massive double cheeseburger, biting and giggling at the taste produced from every bite.

After a moment, he snapped back to reality, hearing Sonic call his name.

Sonic: Good to see you're awake, buddy. You were like a statue, staring at that giant burger. You started drooling a little, too.

Tails:(licks his lips)Sorry, it just seemed so good that I lost myself in my imagination.

Just then, Tails' stomach gave a loud growl.

Tails: Hmm. Looks like that daydream made me hungry.

Sonic: Well, we still have to keep searching the park for other aliens to free.

Tails: You go on ahead. I'm gonna go eat. Besides, I don't have to wait long when it comes to you, right Sonic?

Sonic: Good point. I'll see you soon.

Sonic then proceeded to continue on, leaving Tails to himself.

Tails(thinking to himself): Well then, what to eat? After that dream, I'm definitely in the mood for cheeseburgers. Just  2 problems: these burgers are way too big, and they're not even real, just metal imitations made by Eggman. Not very surprising. There's plenty of candies and pastries all around me, but I don't think I want to try even licking the rides. Who knows what could've been on them? I do seem to remember passing a food court not too far from here. Hopefully, they'll have something good, like actual burgers.

Tails then proceeded to whir his signature two tails and flew away to get some lunch.

He came to a large open food court situated on one of the many cake mountains, overlooking the confectionery Eggman erected on the planet. He chose to sit at a table near the edge, looking over the sugary landscape.

Tails: From here, I can eat and keep up with Sonic's progress. (sighs)Well then, time to eat. Those burgers made me hungry enough, and flying up here past all of the desserts didn't make it any easier.

Sitting alone at his chosen table, Tails set down a big tray, laden with as many of the candies and pastries as he could carry from the food court. Lollipops, cookies, cupcakes, candy canes, jelly beans, jiggly jello, licorice, chocolate bars, mint candies, a large chocolate milkshake, and so on were assembled. Any child would be stupefied by such an impressive assortment of junk food.

What really stood out, however, much to Tails' delight, was 2 big double cheeseburgers, assembled the same way as the massive forms on the towers. Unlike those, however, these were real burgers, and big enough for Tails to eat, albeit still very large. Tails couldn't help but stare and lick his lips at the sight of them.

Tails: It's no wonder that the food court labeled these as "Double Mountain Cheeseburgers". Putting the name aside, I can see that Eggman really seems to love large portions. Then again, these big burgers aren't the only thing on this table. A cornucopia of sweets isn't exactly what I'd call a healthy meal, but I'll take it for right now. I'll make sure to work this all off later.

Tails then proceeded to consume a small slice of cake, which shared a resemblance with the mountain he was on.

Tails: Not bad, just a little dry. Anyway, I think it's time for a little taste test.

Tails giggled, then proceeded to pick up one of the burgers in his gloved hands and looked closely at it.

Tails: Hopefully, this'll be as good as I dreamt. It won't be easy to wrap my lips around this big sucker, but I'll try my best.

He closed his eyes, opened his mouth as wide as possible, and took the strongest bite he could muster, while squeezing the burger with a firm grip. He opened his eyes, observing the dent he made on the meaty mass. Upon taking this first bite, he felt an amazing burst of flavor. He shut his eyes once more, laid his head back, and chuckled as he chewed and swallowed this tasty mouthful.

Tails: I can't believe I'm saying this, but Eggman actually made something genuinely good. This is a really tasty cheeseburger.

He then took another powerful bite, and commenced with the rest of his meal. Just as he finished his first cheeseburger, he saw a blue streak race by down below.

(That would be Sonic going through the remaining acts of Sweet Mountain.)

Tails(thinking to himself): Sonic's finishing fast, just as I predicted. (aloud): Now then, where was I? Oh, yeah, my 2nd cheeseburger. Hope it'll taste as good as the last one. If it does, I won't be forgetting this planet anytime soon.

He took his 1st bite of the second gargantuan burger, rubbing his belly as he munched and savored the food. He held his shake as he drank from it in his right hand, while holding his burger in the other. It took some effort and a firm grip, since it was somewhat heavy. Finishing off his last burger, he focused back on the remaining sweets, covering himself in sugar and sticky coatings as he ate. At the same time, all of the sticky sweets began to take their toll, steadily putting Tails in a strong daze as he finished his meal. He came to finish with one last lollipop, and with a single large burp, his body began to slump over in a sugar-induced stupor. He held his belly in his hands, and could feel all the weight that his meal had placed on him.

Tails(in a somewhat confused, drunken tone): Exquisite. That was just...exquisite, every bite of that meal. Sweet and smooth chocolate, gooey and jiggly jello, succulent, fluffy cake, a big chocolate milkshake, and those giant, juicy cheeseburgers...(licks his lips and then laughs)...oh, yeah, I think that it was the cheeseburgers that really made that meal. (yawns)Well, I'm not only full, I'm tired too. I'd better rest for a while.

He then doubled over and fell asleep instantly on top of the mountainous cake, overwhelmed by the abundance of junk food he had just taken in.

The End

(Yeah, so that was the quick story I'd made. If you're wondering what happened to Tails after, he soon woke and caught up with Sonic at the end of Sweet Mountain, as per the story of the game. He also recovered from that little sugar-induced stupor, ready to continue the adventure. I've thought of possible continuations to this, but I don't intend on preparing them right now. I hope that when this becomes part of the blog, it'll become something positive for the wiki.)