Stopmotion Ideas Picture

I want some ideas for some Sonic Stopmotions (see the picture with the crappy attempt to rip some pictures of Sonic figures). Here are some things I will NOT accept.

I will not accept

  • Fighting Stopmotions (I had enough of those)
  • Any Stopmotions that require voices (I don't like doing voices)
  • Stopmotions with Figures I don't have
  • Stopmotions with Extreme Special effects (I use Movie Maker :B)
  • Stopmotions with Fan-Characters, characters from TV Shows, or characters that haven't been released yet (I don't make customs and also I don't want to pay someone to make some)
  • Any Stopmotions that have to do with Couples (SonAmy for example)
  • Any inappropriate ideas

I have the following

  • 5-inch Sonic
  • Super Poser Sonic
  • 5-inch Black Knight Sonic
  • 5-inch Werehog
  • 3-inch Clear Blue Sonic & Knuckles
  • 3-inch Tails
  • 3-inch Black Knight Sonic
  • Super Poser Shadow
  • 3-inch Shadow
  • 3-inch Silver
  • 3-inch Werehog
  • All-Stars Racing Sonic with Car
  • All-Stars Racing Shadow with Bike
  • All-Stars Racing Knuckles with ATV
  • All-Stars Racing Tails with Plane
  • 3-inch Sonic & Amy
  • 3-inch Eggman & Metal Sonic
  • Mini-Racer Sonic
  • Mini-Racer Shadow
  • Mini-Racer Amy
  • Mini-Racer Amigo
  • 10-inch Sonic
  • Super Pack
  • Big & Froggy Pack
  • Super Poser Tails
  • Metal Sonic JUVI
  • Knuckles JUVI
  • Werehog JUVI
  • 5-inch Classic Sonic
  • 3-inch Classic Sonic with Moto-Bug
  • 3-inch Classic Tails with Grabber
  • 3-inch Classic Eggman with EggRobos
  • Mono-Beetle
  • Egg Pawn
  • Egg Fighters
  • Sandworm
  • 10-inch Classic Sonic
  • Gacha Buildable Knuckles Figure

Enjoy thinking of good ideas!