Hello it's me again, Pacmansonic138, and today is my Wiki-versary for both Sonic News Network and Pac-Man Wiki, it is also my 14th birthday.

Short summary of my History on SNN

I was mostly a quiet editor when I first joined, but around early 2012 I got a little notorious for the constant "IM LEAVING SNN FOREVUR, and I com bak tree days latur" thing that a lot of other users were doing and having a problem against Bronies (all this stuff doesn't happen anymore with me), and all this led to my 1 month block in July. I also joined SonicTheHedgehogDude's "SCP Studios" (among several other users), which made this Wiki ALOT more fun for me, I enjoy being a member! Right now I am usually seen online editing or on chat, I am looking forward for what will happen in this Wiki's future!

What I will do today (since it's my birthday)

Since my birthday comes a few days after Christmas, nobody usually cares about it, now don't feel sorry for me though since to be honest, I actually kinda like it that way, I'm not a big fan of parties or attention. But anyways, since I got $75 bucks and a Target giftcard for Christmas, I will buy Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for the Xbox 360 and play the HELL out of it!

Final Thing to Say

Despite all the problems we had, I still love this Wiki, the users, the editing, the pages, the everything! I look forward to another year on SNN, that's all I have to say, see you all later.