Cliche Blog Warning

Obviously, this is the million dollar question that was asked many times on Sonic News Network. Though I'm rather curious to know what you guys thought were the worst Sonic related things.

In my opinion these are the worst Sonic related things

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006): I'm sure everybody knows what I think of this game, of course in my opinion it's rotten cabbage. I mean, if it was't rushed I would probably like it better but still, my main beef is the plot. It's both a been there done that (hero saving a princess) and just bland, and Elise kissing a dead Sonic body doesn't help (which is just wrong).
  2. Sonic Riders: I remember the time when I really wanted this game, I searched all the GameStops but all I found were the GameCube, PC, and Xbox versions of the game, I eventually found the game at Sears. And then I came home and eagerly put the game in my PS2. And then I began the game, it's an uncontrollable mess and the pointless "air system" was obnoxious since it runs out pretty fast. I liked Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity though, much better than the first.
  3. Sonic Labyrinth: Cannot even.......long story short, slow slow slow!
  4. Sonic X: When the show came to air I loved it, but after seeing reruns after a few months I began to realize how terrible the show is. Chris and all the other "exclusive" characters except Cosmo annoyed me like hell, Chris gets most screen time, and it introduced the most annoying voice for Amy (which is a character I disliked in the first place, more to be explained soon). People say the Japanese dub is a little better, I watched it, it's still a pretty terrible show in my opinion.
  5. Amy Rose: Okay, well during the classic era when she had no voice not much of a personality she wasn't annoying. But once Sonic Adventure came out, well, she is probably one of the most unlikable female characters ever in my opinion. Her Sonic Adventure-Heroes voice wasn't annoying, but the voices she had since Sonic X god.........I don't wanna go further about her voice. Her gameplay in Sonic Adventure and 06 was really tedious and annoying.
  6. Silver the Hedgehog: Silver is one of those cases where they tried to make a likable character, but they ended up with another annoying character. His annoying nasally voice and his lines are the main factor.
  7. Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis: Seems that 2006 was the worst year for Sonic, this port may look and sound like the Sonic 1 you played on the Genesis, Mega Collection, or whatever you played Sonic 1 on. But don't let that fool you, the game is just as buggy and glitchy as Sonic 06!
  8. McDonalds Pakistan Happy Meal commercial: Okay, now this isn't a annoying factor and it's not really bad compared to the previous 6. But the terrible CGI is just one of the most laughably bad things I ever seen, the funniest looking characters are "Rogue" and "Nuggles".


Hey kids! Tell me what you think are the worst Sonic moments in the comments!