Here is the poster of my upcoming Brawl Machinima Series
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Tales Of The Subspace is an upcoming Brawl Machinima series that will be based on Tales Of Symphonia. The series will be a slideshow manga style with sound effects and speech bubbles. Sonic will appear as the main protagionist of the series and goes on a journey to help his good friend Marth the Prince of Altea as well as the chosen of Mobious to restore the world. Along the way Sonic travel with six more of his companions as well. there will be voice acting in this series so if you want please comment of what main character you want to voice as. Sonic, and Fox has already been taken so choose the other five you want to as in the trailer.

Tales Of The Subspace Trailer02:21

Tales Of The Subspace Trailer

Sonic: Thunder The Hedgehog



Fox: nintendoguy203