Name:Peyton the Fox

Nicknames:Peton,PC,Cookie and Poptart(the last two are her nicknames from her boyfriend)

Age:15 1/2

Species:hedgefox but she likes fox



Weight:58 lbs.

Marital Status:girlfriend of shadow the hedgehog








tip of tail:blue


clothes: winter:a black beanie,black & blue coat,blue fuzzy mittens,blue fuzzy earmuffins,

black and blue striped fuzzy scarf and blue and black boots

Shadow and Peyton's first kiss

Peyton and Troy in team G.U.N outfits

Peyton and troy working for team G.U.N

summer:jean shorts,a blue yankees tube top,a yankees ball cap and white sneakers

fall:a white and light blue striped,t-shirt with a dark blue long sleeved shirt underneath and white and light blue boots

spring:a white tank top with a green army jacket over it,some ripped blue jeans and green army boots

DOB:Decenber 7 1994 Birthplace:Spagonia Residence:near the south of Adabat Alignment:hero(but if she has to be evil to save her friends or family she will but regret doing it the whole time)

Personality:she is a little shy to people she just met but when you are her friend she can be so cheerful and outgoing.she is not a girly girl she is a big tomboy.she isnt very sensative but if she is sad about something she has a hard time holding the tears in and hiding it.she gets sad when someone she loves and cares for leaves or dies.she is very kind and doesent accept compliments about her self that if you piss her off she can be a bitch if she doesent realy like you or if your her enemie.


homing attack- she curls in a ball and speeds at her enemy leaving a trail of fire behind her and hitting her enimies and leaving a burnmark

fire blast- forming a fire ball in her hand then when its big enough she pushes both of her hands out making a HUGE fire blast taking away most of her enimies HP

fire spear- throwing spears of fire at her enemie

fire blaze- she creates a huge fire and putting her hands in the fire to restore most of her HP

fire explosion-with the snap of her fingers can blow up a HUGE nuclear station or anything else nedding to be destroyed

burning strike-with her claws she can scratch an enemie and send a fire trial into the enimies body

fire quake-she can send a trail of fire into the ground and it explodes any building withen 5 miles

chaos control-just like shadow she learned how to do chaos control her emerald she carries around is blue just like shadows is red sonics is green and silvers is yellow

fire balls-she throws fire balls formed in her hand at her enemies

Abilities:fire is her main abilitie but other than fire she knows how to mind read and she knows anything that has a chaos emerald in it.she has alot of forms


werefox(sonic unleashed)

dark darkspine(sonic and the secret rings)

knight(sonic and the black night)

arabian(sonic and the secret rings)



she has speeds of sonic and she is able to walk through fire without getting burnt

Hobbies/Activities:drawing,singing,running and playing sports

Disadvantages/Weaknesses:water powers but still she is a very good swimmer and she still swims though but rarely because it weakens her powers

Personal facts:she has a scar on her left ear on the back from a scratch moroxide did(he didnt mean it though and he regrets it and its okay with her even though it had to have stiches) she also had a rough time in half of highschool because a girl kept tyring to sell her drugs and the 5th time she said no the girl punched her and cut her wrists and just left her there the girl got suspended from school and had a 5 year sentenc in jail

Best friends:sonic the hedgehog, knuckles the echidna, tails the fox,cream the rabbit & cheese the chao, silver the hedgehog, shadow the hedgehog, rouge the bat, amy the hedgehog, cosmo the seedrain blaze the cat,tikal the echidna,espio the chameleon,vector the crocodile,charmy the bee, ray the flying squirrel,fang the sniper, nicole the lynx,sally acorn,roter the walrus,mighty the armidillo,sky the hedgehog,teana the rabbit katie the cat,ally the mouse,bethany the fox,raina the hedgefox,antonio the hedgehog,fire & flame the twin hedgehogs,dash the hedgehog light the bat,az the tiger,stone the tiger,ember the tiger,joey the fox,fists the echidna,kathy the cat,moon the hedgehog,emerald the hedgehog kiera the hedgehog,zonic the hedgehog,goth the wolf,track the hedgehog,axel the hedgehog,milo the lynx,lilly the fox, jack the metal hadgehog moroxide the demonic hedgehog,halo the hedgehog but her bestest bestest friend is.........troy the snow leapord

Rivals:scourge the hedgehog,jet the hawk,wave the swallow, strom the albatross,hardcore the echidna,rock the hedgehog & metal the wolf Enemies:flash the hedgehog,eggman,metal sonic,tails doll,peyton doll,metal shadow & metal peyton crushes:sky,moroxide,light,dash,silver and mephiles boyfriend:shadow the hedgehog

Team:lightspeed Formation:speed Team Status:leader Other Members:sky the hedgehog & shadow the hedgehog


sammy the hedgefox-the annoying 8 year old fox who is the 4th oldes in the family

charlie the fox-the cute 5 year old fox who is the cutest and youngest in the family

james the hedgehog-the oldest and the dad of the family he is the oldest

sonic the hedgehog-the lovable hedgehog who is the 6th oldest in the family and is always looking out for sam,charlie, me,dad and mom

sarah the fox-the mom of the family and the 7th oldest

Favorite kind of weather:snowy(even though she is not built for it) Favorite food:pineapple,burritos & buffalo wings (realy spicy) Favorite drink:pepsi and V8 splash berry blend Favorite movie:the shrek series and friday the 13th Favorite color:green Favorite song:one thing-one direction Favorite song artist:justin timberlake(she has a secret crush on him) favorite band:one direction favorite game system:dsi xl and xbox360 favorite website:fanpop and deviantart

halloween costumes: 1:pumpkin 2:cat 3:fairy 4:witch 5:spiderman 6:batman 7:harry potter 8:zombie pirate 9:shadow the hedgehog 10:vampire 11:gangster 12:zombie doctor 13:freddy krueger 14:jason voorhees 15:micheal myers(halloween series)

favorite thing to do on a rainy day:she loves to go into the living room cuddle up on the couch with blankets,pillows and a stuffed animal and watch the whole shrek series (because she has them all)and slowly fall asleep

Items/Special weapons:

colt python-a pistol that is black and silver she uses it when she is realy hurt she would take it out and shoot her enemie

randall knive-she uses it alot to cut rope,if her Hp is gone and if she just needs to stab someone


a green MX bike for when she needs to get somewhere fast or run from someone extreme gear wich is built to handle large amounts of fire power wich will help it speed up and also can create larger tornadoes that have a fire charge running through them

motercycle-just for fun and when shadows riding with her

Theme Song: house of wolves-my chemical romance her normal theme song

general admission-mower her super theme

like a G6-far east movement skylar x's theme(the anime shes in)

heroes and villians-powerman 50000 her fighting theme

the skylar x anime:it starts out with sky(skylar is his real name) and he runs past the skylar x title making it spin then it shows ember and stone sitting by the pond and fists pops out of nowwhere with a happy expression on and stone screams with a funny/scared expression then it goes to me and sky having a race and me winning after that it shows joey shining the x hurricane it goes to me and shadow making out on the bed and then sky walks in and screams and runs out then it shows dash walking with kathy and moon annoying the crap out of them then it shows fire and flames fighting over ally the mouse and bethany in the background looking all amused after that it shows antonio walking with raina to school then scourge comes up and then he holds raina close and antonio looks pissed then it shows zonic the hedgehog using telekinises on kiara and her looking mad and emerald looking amused then it shows light the bat taking a knive away from goth and him screaming at her and her looking freaked and sky,troy,light,shadow and moroxide all flirting with peyton and she has a smile on her face and a anime sweat drop on her head then it shows az flirting with katie but then his arm misses the wall and he falls on the ground blushing like crazy then it shows milo,lilly and axel playing a game of spin the bottle and troy was forced to play cause he was the only one there axel spins it and it lands on troy, troy and axel both looked shocked and lilly and milo are laughing like crazy then it shows peyton on halos doorstep he opens the door looking annoyed she puts a finger up closes her eyes and opens her mouth then he slams the door and a her hair blows back than she calls to raina and raina comes up and knocks on the door halo opens the door looking cheerful and lets raina in and peyton looks mad with a red anime mad mark on her forehead then it shows teana and joey kissing and moroxide walks by and he says gay then teana and joey both pull away coughing and they both look at moroxide with mad looks he gets a anime sweat drop on his head and he starts running but they chase him then last it shows track and jack in a bar and they each have a beer bottle and there chugging it down while the other people are like CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! and then track finishes first and burps real loud

work:she works for G.U.N just like shadow rouge and omega she is a agent that they use for finding imformation she is a proffesional hacker she has a special code that can open any computer even if that is not the real password troy is her partner he knows how to collect all the imformation he just snaps his finger and it goes to G.U.N's computers it does that because he has telaportation powers

blood type:(very very rare)AB-