My all time favorite Sonic games from all systems, and others. I don't care what other people say about the games, I like these games and I have my reasons! It's a top 10, so tell me what you think.

Games and reasons

10: Sonic Advance 3

Box 108248-hd

This brings back tag-team gameplay, first time in a 2D side-stroller since Sonic 3 & Knuckles! It brings a lot of team-ups with Sonic and crew. Bringing a team you'll forever know: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream and Knuckles.

I really like this game but, I can't put it any higher that 10.

9:Tails Adventure

Tails Adventure Coverart

Tails is my favorite Sonic character. I just want to see him in another game, and I like this game. Tails in his own game! Tails fan scream! So, SEGA, please make another game with Tails as the star! But I like this game, great levels, great images, great gameplay, and overall a great story. And in my timeline theory this takes place alongside, Sonic 4 Ep 1 and Knuckles' Chaotix.

I love this game, but I like the other 8 just a little bit better, oh and Archie, great job adapting this in the Sonic Universe: Tails Adventure arc.

8:Sonic Free Riders


My 1st Xbox 360 game, and I love it's storyline, plot, gameplay. But one thing I don't like is the new voices, but whatever. It's a great game for the Riders series.

7:Sonic Triple Trouble


Triple Trouble, great game, great story, great gameplay, great style. Overall nice game. So, yeah. I loved the adaptation in the Archie comics. I really would've liked it if a level from Triple Trouble would've been in Generations.

6:Sonic 2 (Genesis)


Sonic 2. Four words: Burning Way Past Cool! I love this game, the levels are awesome, the gameplay is cool, and other things are good. So, why is this game here, well, the Chaos Emeralds are hard to get, and Super has it's flaws. Tails is introduced in this game. My only problems with Tails, no Super form and you can't fly, for whatever reason.

5:Sonic Rush Adventure

Sonic Rush Adventure

I love this game! It's the first Sonic game I head exposure to. When I 1st learned about this game, I thought the world was Sonic's home trapped in the past. Marine was a great addition, I liked that character. The ending was sad.

This game is here, and the other 4 I just like better.

4:Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360)

Sonic Unleashed 360 box art

The Xbox 360 RULES! I love this version of the game! Awesome gameplay, great storyline, great things, and others. It's very cool with Hedgehog and Werehog. So, it's actually famous for being the last Main Series Sonic game with the 4Kids voice actors. I like this game. Well that's it. Best level: Rooftop Run!

3:Sonic 3 & Knuckles

S3k title

Once my favorite game but it got bumped down with the next two. Tails could fly, be on his own and get a Super form! Great Sonic Booms, make a solo 3D game with Super Tails SEGA! DO IT! Anyway I love the game, awesome levels, great story and other things. What would make this game better, 3D, Hedgehog Engine, 4Kids voice actors, Homing Attack, Boost!

2:Sonic Colors (DS)

Sonic Colors (DS)

This game bypassed 3&K just barley with storyline, levels, gameplay, voice, dialogue, and other things. SEGA should've put the Pink Spike Wisp, it would've helped. But whatever. SEGA Great job.

2.5:Sonic Generations (3DS)

SG 630992 210762 front

I like this version of the game, it's good, I wanted more of a story, more levels, and some other things, but it makes up for it with Classic learning the Homing Attack, and Modern learning the Stomp. I like it but it's at the half point line.

1:Sonic Generations (Xbox 360)


I love this game! What a great way to celebrate Sonic's 20th Anniversary! 20 years of Spin Dashing, Boosting, Homing Attacking, running, and others. I can't wait to see how the do 21! So I love the levels, bosses and other things. I would've liked it better if, Classic was voiced by Jaleel White, we could see Classic forms of the others, and more levels from other games, no levels from Sonic 06. But it makes up for it with some other things, like gameplay, upgrades. I love this version of Generations. Sonic keep Boosting and Spin Dashing away!