Romance in the air, and I'm here to tell my fav couples. If you wish, take a look at the one I made on the Digimon Wiki. Here's a link Top 10 Best Digimon Couples and Reasons.

Anyway these will be in the main series, Archie Comics and my fan couples F.Y.I!


10: Knuckles and Tikal


Both Echindas. Duh. I find them cute and when Knuckles is involved in my stories they're usually a couple. Hey even tough I don't like Knuckles, I at least let him have a girlfriend.

For the peps who keep saying they're relatives, we don't know if it's canon or not!

9: Shadow and Rouge


Rouge was found of Shadow when they 1st meet. They remain close friends, and Rouge is known to have a crush on Shadow. Just like Knuckles; I have Shadow with a girlfriend to.

8: Tails and Mina

An okay ship, I guess.

7: Sonic and Mina


In the Archie series I find this couple very cute, plus Mina can keep up with Sonic! What more could the blue dude with a 'tude want?! Hey better then some other characters in the Archie series who I hate with all my guts.

6: Tails and Li Moon


It's a cute couple, and it was a good read when Li Moon appears. They seem to get along nicely, so in the Archie-verse I guess this would be high on the list.

5: Tails and Marine

This was the 1st Couple I ever saw in the Sonic series. So I think it's cute. But it moved down, still okay. Found memories....

In an old fan-fic I made Tails and Marine become found friends and become married later, that fan-fic is really.... old. Marine still remains a fond character to me, along with this couple.

4: Tails and Tikal

TailKal Wallpaper

This is here well, Tails was the only person who was sent back in time to learn her name.

I think it looks cute, nothin' more nothin' less.

3: Silver and Blaze


Another couple I like, these two are made for eachother. A great friendship and partnership.

2: Sonic and Amy


A great couple, Sonic and Amy are made for each other. They meet in CD, they become friends and I know SEGA will bring them together.

Sonic likes Amy but is to shy and scared to admit it.

1: Tails and Cream

TaiReam Wallpapers

Taileam is my OTP! So yeah, Tails and Cream, may be young but they work. I love this couple. Tails and Cream fit, hey the fact Sonic and Amy like eachother, they are the sidekicks of them.