Before I can begin my ranting, read this page I found. It agrees with part of what i'm about to say in full agreement(I didn't write it though)

I'll go back to the beginning of the timeline.(Even though I haven't played alot of games)

Sonic the Hedgehog-Sonic R

The games were, as said by fans, "the best Sonic games in history" but, it doesn't seem to be true for my friend(who got ported versions to PC) And can't get past all of those(I am not mentioning Sonic CD, R or any of those yet) so I have no idea why "fans" claim that. Sonic CD is reasonably good, my friend(who played it on Gems Collection) had fun with it. Other games I will not begin to mention, they are bad like the other ones. With Sonic R, lots of fans considered it terrible, when in fact, again, my friend(we talked about this) thought it was a great racing game. Lots of people went in a critical state about the soundtrack, saying it's "not related to Sonic" but who cares? as long as it's a Sonic game, we don't care! Okay? Sonic the Fighters, it is okay, and we don't need nah nahs about the controls. It was an arcade game before Gems collection, right?

Sonic Adventure-Sonic Advance 3

This was around the time Sonic and pals got a redesign and got voice actors. The redesign is explained in the link, and I agree with it wholeheartedly. The voice actors was a good idea, we want Sonic to be more... cartoony in my opinion, and how can he be so without a voice. This was the first time Sonic got criticised in a 3D game. Well, let me explain. STOP BEING IN THE PAST, IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!! Games were moving into 3D around that time, "leaving his roots behind" was just following the upgrade of technology like every other video game franchise did. When SAdven2 was intoduced, it introduced Shadow and Rouge. Shadow is one of the most awesome characters I have seen, my friend LOVES him, and Rouge has a reason to live, or WHY would Sega have invented her? Anyway, with the Advance games, which everyone "loved", I(because I have played it, the first one) believe it is fun, a little. I'm stuck on the 4th level boss, with almost no way of beating him(and I'm playing as Tails, who is apparently the "easiest"). The second one focused on speed, and introduced Cream(I will get to characters later) and the third was focused on a Sonic Heroes style of play, but minus one character to play as, hub worlds, and characters reduced. I haven't played the sequels, but, they have got to be worse than 1.

Sonic Heroes-Sonic '06

Note: The DS era will be explained after this, So I won't include Rush yet.

Sonic Heroes ended up by a majority of the fans to be "The more tragic fall of the series". This is not true in any sense at all. I have seen my friend play it, with no trouble, and no "camera problems" like nearly all of the reviews have stated. I even have a recording of a boss battle, and the team mechanic looks very fun, I don't know why most of the "fans" regard it as "unresponsive" or "too slow". Well guess what? There is not a video game genre named "Speed" that's just it. Shadow the Hedgehog(the game) is a very good game by, again my friend, who I have seen play. She claims it as her No. 1 game, and none have beat that so far... Anyway,she thought(and still thinks) it was fun(when we phoned each other, she drove one of the cars and ran over Tails for a joke). Sonic 06, the "worst game of the series", is in fact, fun. I was on a phone call with my friend, and she said she'd cleared about 90% Silvers story, 80-something% Shadows, Something% Sonics(it was above 50, I know that). If you can't wait a minute through loading screens, you are really impatient. Sonic Rivals I cannot mention, but it must be a good game. Sonic Riders, was AWESOME!!! I watched my friend(again, she's going to be mentioned alot) play it, she had alot of fun.

DS era(the whole mentioning of Sonic DS games)

Sonic Rush was a good game, to some. It's that hard, I can't get past the 3rd level 2nd act! Sonic Rush Adventure and Colours for the DS are the best games(that I have played) in the world. Chronicles falls below them, below M&S series, but I still play it. The M&S series is very nice, and I like them very much(unlike some people in the world).

Sonic and the Secret Rings-Sonic Colours(Wii)

The Sonic Storybook Series are bad. That's just it. Sonic Unleashed had a good plot, good characters, and gave Sonic(like most games that year) a superdimensional plot, and yeah. Sonic Colours was great, if you don't like humour, just ignore it and start playing and don't diss ANY Wisps. Now to the racing genre. The Riders series was fun and I do enjoy playing them. The Sonic and Sega one blew me off, even though Sonic was in a car. Nevertheless, it was still fun.


I'm going to now explain the characters, but I'll make one thing clear now. This is 2011, forget 1991, and forgive the little hedgehog. These days, people rant about how the many characters Sonic has, and how the old games were better, when they weren't. I'll explain the characters and my opinions about them, Sonic last.

Tails is a sidekick to Sonic, who some people claim he "choked the life out of the franchise", okay, how did he do that? He is a sidekick. Side-kick, and nearly every mascot in videogame franchises have sidekicks, like Luigi to Mario. So get over it.

Knuckles is another sidekick to Sonic, but a perfect ally, instead of sidekick, so there isn't much to say about him, alot of people like him <)

Amy... is aimed for hot-headed girls. Those who normally diss her are boys. Besides, her hammer can help alot.

Eggman, alot of people call him Robotnik, STILL!!! Eggman is a name to laugh at, and that was his real name in Japan anyway, I don't know why people still call him Robotnik after 13 years of the name(the whole 20 for Japan)

Big, I can agree with alot of people that he is useless. Moving on...

Shadow is the best hedgehog to have been created(according to someone I know) and people complain he's a whiny hedgehog. Well, let me put one thing straight, okay? He was created with a plot, and that plot has stayed and is staying for good.

Rouge has a reason to be in this world, or otherwise, why would Sega have created her? I don't know why they say she is useless when they find reasons for her to be. it just doesn't make sense.

Cream is cute and aimed for younger girls. If you don't like her, too bad, others do. Moving on.

Blaze is better than Big. There was this one review I read for Srush and it said "They apparently wanted to make a cat more likeable than Big(mission failed)" and I steamed at the pits(got really angry) because of that. She is a good character in both realms(time and different dimension) so do not diss her.

Silver is another hedgehog they wanted to create for the world. Who doesn't like a psychic hedgehog? whoever doesn't is stupid.

Sonic. Sonic is the best of the series. The life source for all the characters. People don't like him alot. He is meant to represent the "cool" factor of the world, The best, and most mentioned of the series. Sonic is the one. When he got a redesign, people went beserk. Look at the link above for a decent reason I wholeheartedly agree with.

Look, what I'm saying here is only trying to make sense for you people. If you don't like Sonic, don't like gimmicks used to promote the games, want a speed genre, then leave the fanbase. A fanbase for a mascot should be one where people cheer the little hedgehog on, grinning at the TINY mistakes they make with the games and don't go "this game F***** stinks! Run away! Run away!" If you don't like the franchise the way it is now(with gimmicks like swords, cars, werewolves etc) then leave. We don't want you in the "fanbase" with all this ****** **** going around. It's just that simple. If you don't like Sonic, then leave. We don't want you involved with the franchise at all ever again. Get excited for Sonic Generations, those that like the franchise! For those that don't, GO AWAY.