Three years. 3 years since I joined this place.

It feels like only yesterday I fixed up that Olympics thing...

I haven't been here for the majority of a year but I might as well celebrate it anyway, I still remember.

So why not I explain my story for the unknown ones who may not know. Or anyone just interested to hear... see... what?

My Story :D It may be long.

It started in 2011, I came across this wiki a young teenager, just having joined Sonic Fanon Wiki (leaving shortly the following year), and I wanted to join this place as well. I came across it while I was bored literally reading every detail about the Sonic characters on the Wikipedia pages. See, I wanted to know more about the Sonic series ever since 2010 when Mario (a character I loved because of MKDS and lots of games) crossed over in the Olympics and since they crossed over, and the characters to choose from were so interesting (I was wondering who Shadow and Knuckles were when I got the first Olympics for the DS in the form of a ROM on a cheat card, while the DS version of the Winter Games, the one I saw the ad for, hadn't come out yet in such a form as far as I knew), I wanted to know more. I'd looked too much at the Wikipedia pages and was dying for more information. I looked up Sonic wiki and this place with the slogan it had had me hooked, and I immediately looked at the first Olympics pages.

I currently have all the songs in the DS gallery. So when I looked at the pages and saw 6 songs each series (when there's only space for 5 slots), I saw them all and my first edit was removing the songs that did not exist in the game.

I also wanted to bring fragments of my time at the Sonic Fanon here and as such found some difficulties fitting in with others with my no picture talent and awkward fan character. Oh, and I was a whiny idiot when i didn't get my way. Boy would I learn how that wouldn't work.

I don't remember much else of 2011, except some of the people around then, like Metal, Mew and some select others (my mind is being really foggy at this point of 2011).

2012 started off ok, this is when I have screenshots of the chat. That's what I was looking at majority of 2013 before I returned.

SonicTheHedgehogDude started a show stream thing called SNNNL at the time, and I was the host in January of that year in one of the episodes. Might I mention, he updated a website saying I was going to be the host of the show. It's still not edited.... because when I look up my name on Google, that always pops up. Haha but I didn't know much, only watching others. But lots just followed along, so as I look at them now, I guess it wasn't too bad.... hahahahahahaha.

let's go down memory lane with some of these screenshot fests, because I caught some strange moments. Yous won't mind, won't yous :(

The very next day, I have a bunch of screenshots where Dude "stole" something from Metal and Metal accidentally kickbanned him from the chat. As an accident entirely, he wanted to PM him but instead kickbanned him. It was during another SNNNL, but I sort of find it funny. It's just a mere accident :P

I have other screenshots of earlier before those two incidents, but I was told to screenshot stuff. Seems like now, when some of my Skype friends tell me to record funny Skype conversations or Roblox when we're random :P

One of the jokes I started was when any meme-related face I'd see (like the troll face or megusta, and they increased over time) I'd say "Nightmare face! Aaaah!" (feels so long since I said that...) and some taunted me with that joke. I ended it and don't wish to go back there, but it's a funny memory nonetheless. I also managed to do a thing where if I was using an "attack" towards someone, there'd be a random explosion near them, which explains some screenshots during February, where I did that on Metal. I also have a kickban fail (where the kickbanned user joined the chat after they got such a punishment), and a thing where someone stole Dude's chili dog, early 2012 was the best for me, I interacted with many people and was probably one of the chat names. Idk, but I went on alot.

One day in April, Dude let us talk to the real Guess Who, the founder. I was there, and took screenshots for me to remember that I met the founder.... once. I won't forget it :P

Until... the day came.

During 2012, and late 2011, there was a pony takeover. I'm not kidding, MLP (My Little Pony) just seemed to flood the website, people were using them as avatars, blog posts every day would be about them and would get popular within seconds, and me growing up from MLP not being a little girl anymore (plus my horrible past, which I'll explain now)

When I was a little girl, I absolutely loved MLP. But as I grew and wanted to keep it a secret from my school, which I wasn't very good at doing somehow, they'd sing the theme song to torture me and bully me about it. Around 2007 I quit liking it as much and moved on more so towards video games, as after I got Nintendogs, I just didn't care anymore. I still got bullied about it though, which was worse. It made me hate it (MLP) even more.

It got to the point where people were forcing others and peoples opinions. Of the new flash animated cartoon, I set myself to watch a few of the episodes, and I liked the first two, but after 15 episodes, I stopped watching altogether, I made points every night (and maybe that's what started my commentaring through movies thing) about how it was bad and what elements I didn't like (I murmured this to myself in a low tone, I watched these at night) and stopped liking it. I don't like the show. In my honest opinion, they keep adding mythical legends to the past, at the start of new seasons, and it honestly bothers me. 6 years in the future, how many "mythical legends" will have existed by that point I wonder. The characters also do not fit my style of watching something. Sometimes they act really dumb or smart when they shouldn't. I don't watch cartoons anymore, and I see why.

But my opinion at the time was flat. I didn't know how to respect others, and during mid-2012, I had told many to switch their avatars and not talk about ponies merely because I didn't like it. Maybe not to me, but in the whole chat it was a bit much. During 2013, when I told my other friends about this fiasco, they don't like it, but felt forced not to talk about it because I didn't like it, and I was pleading with them that they didn't have to, and that I didn't want it to be SNN again. It got through, but really, we're here for the eventful day.

It had just turned July and I was in a chat. It was the afternoon for me (which would have many offline since that's the night time for Americans, I know the eastern side's timezone really well now, and I use maths to get to any other close region, like for the far west side it's eastern side number-3. Like 8-3 (8pm - 3 would be 5pm. 8pm right now corresponds to 10am my time)). So I was in a chat with Willaca (another Australian user at the time), Bullet Francisco and Fly the Fox (or ~Flare as he is now I am aware...) and they were talking about Sonic being a pony as a light joke to each other. I raged at them uncontrollably and went off. Later, Bullet issued a demotion of my rollback (which I received on February 10-11. It was the day i got mod in the YTR xat last year) and I raged more on my Yt channel, pressuring the choice more demotion on many more users. I felt horrible, as I left the community with no explanatory blog (wanting to be different) and slowly separated myself from SNN.

That bit many old users know about. Now what happened after my leave.

I was depressed for months. I wanted to find somewhere new. Sacor in October of 2012 asked me on my Youtube message inbox to come back, which I declined, because I was still working on things, and scared of SNN after what I'd done to scar everyone. Plus, I still needed to learn opinions and stuff. Coming back might have meant more of the worse, especially after the incident, and the fact I was still scared.

In November, on my Youtube recommendations, I saw a user's video that caught my attention. A video from supermarioglitchy4, named "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Pink Problem" and I watched it and laughed. I saw his channel and saw the channels linked, including Starman3, who I subbed to on December 5, 2012 (I saw this on his "fans" thing on Skype a long time ago) and I sought out to be his friend. He had around 6,000+ subs at the time. He even had a chatroom, on Xat. I'd heard about Xat thanks to this place, but this was when I'd actually experience it.

When I signed up, I noticed the emotes on Xat were the same ones on the SNN wikia chat, and I fit right in to knowing about Xat entirely. I slowly did the same thing as in 2012, only much faster, as by February of 2013, lots of people knew of me. I went to Radio Nintendo and was very slowly being accepted as Starman3's friend. I friended him on the Wii U, he followed me on Twitter, listened to the Radio Nintendo streams and slowly talked to him more.

In February of 2013, infact, the same time I got rollback the previous year, I was accepted to become a chat mod of the YTR xat chat. Everyone was asking to be a mod, while I just sat there saying, as I remember, "I only come here to chat with my friends, I don't care if I get mod or not." SM3, after modding 4 others, made me the 5th. Weeks passed, as more of our friendship grew, and I eventually gained Skype on February 25 (after coming home from school after my mum set it up: my name = pinkolol16) and talked to Starman3 for the first time in voice.

Months passed, and when July of last year passed, I released a SM64 video detailing what happened to me here to the people in my new friend group. Many compared it to MarioMario54321's story, another in the same community, as he had a similar story back in 2005 at another website.

More months passed, and I did the same thing in September with my 2 year Youtube special, mentioning many names I remembered here in SM64 colour code form. Including the time when I met Guess Who, and the incident in SM64 form. During 2013, I missed being with SNN, and wanted to find some way to apologise for my actions, but I was still scared. SM3 held a loose promise, that he would help me with SNN, but I remembered the chat regulations, which I didn't hear about the removals until November. SM3 was too lazy to make 100 mainspace edits anyway. His grammar is crud so it wouldn't have worked :P

Some new and old users were there that day, when I went on the chat with SM3, and he helped me sort out the issue I had bubbling in my head for about a year and months. I came back, but was still inactive for months.

I came on and still do every once in a while to talk to some of my friends. Ever since I got Skype, I talk to my other friends on there now. wait, SM3? well I have a long story with that.

Early 2014, he started acting like a jerk. Many had released truth videos of the bad stuff he's done, even in 2012, and continuing into 2013, where I thought I lost many of my friends, but I didn't realise: it was all SM3.

He started acting ridiculous, like me of 2011-12 and one day in March of this year, after a suggestion I gave to help him, he told his mum about me and she instantly told him to block me. During the previous month, we had contact wars after he blocked me many times on Skype and even on Twitter. I have given up on his behaviour and left him, going with my other wonderful friends on Skype, and continuing to live a free life here (as much as I can, my inactivity is making me mad :|).

I edit another wiki they made in April 2013, which was ignored for months. I told SM3 that even if I hate him now, I will protect that wiki, with the techniques I learned from here I use to edit the pages of that wiki.

I saw more recent blogs and is starting to edit here again, and after seeing Metal's wikiversary blog, I realised mine was coming soon, so I made this blog.

and that is my story!

The many friends I first met here, the techniques I learned here, this place was the starting point and not Sonic Fanon. For now and into the future, I hope I can continue to be here with the great people :D even if I lack knowledge of everyone now, considering the new faces to me.... hahaha.

3 years. I'm proud.