Hey SNN, its Pit. This is my first rant time. The topic is why this guy shouldnt be in the Sonic Franchise at all. Remember this is MY opinion. Dont get offened if you disagree.

Ok lets start. Where do I begin? Lets start at SA. Wait before that, HE NEVER DOES ANYTHING PLOT RELEVANT!!!! OH MY GOD, I HATE HIS GAMEPLAY! Its the slowest and least fun in the game! The only thing I remotly like is his theme. Even FROGGY is more useful in the series, as he possed the tail of Chaos. And dont get me started on his voice! Oh god! It sounds like Barney the Dinosaur, BUT WORSE!!!!! I was glad to not see him in SA2B. Next, Heroes. I dont have a problem with him here, but IMO Sonic Heroes would be better without Team Rose. Then he dissapeared for a while. My reaction: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next time I saw him was when I played M&S at the Olympic London Games 2012. Then I litteraly CRIED! I was glad he only showed up a couple times. Thats all folks! Leave suggestions in the comments! Also, HATAHS GONNAH HATE!!!