If anyone's interested, I'm planning on actually making an album in the not-too-distant future titled "Extra-terrestrials From Planet Earth..."

It will be a legit album with 10 tracks (all original) that will be sung/written by me. If anyone can contribute in ANY way, I will be very thankful. I already have a mock-up for what the cover should look like, and if anyone wants to do it then let me know and I'll try to send you a pic of my rough sketch.

The album will be heavily inspired by groups like Blur, Gorillaz & the Protomen. But before I get anything done, I need either people who can play instruments or music composers on my computer. Not to mention recording equipment & a camera + photographer for publicity shots. It won't be easy, but I get the feeling that if I just release the first single and wait a bit, I should expect to earn enough money for a majority of these listed items.

That's the news of the week. If ANYONE can help in any way, please do so.

Note: it would be easier if we could meet in person and do the work together.