Yay, Psyche's Quest can finally proceed as normal. Okay here we are the huge plot issue, it was bound to come sometime. Don't worry action comes next issue.

Psyche's Quest 10

Credits: (This one's gonna be long)

Psyche sprites: Psyche the Hedgehog 1997

Sonic, Silver & Tails sprites: Clyent Nite

Knuckles sprites: Daniel Sydney

Blaze sprite: Dark Burrakai

Backgrounds (in order of appearance):

Ripped by Domenico

Ripped by Metallix

Ripped by Zero the Hedgehog

Minecraft bookshelves: Google Images

Time Warp: Taken from SilverPlays97's "Sonic Xover Finale" (Sorry I Didn't ask, you weren't online)

PS Kunkles is gonna look really out of place until I can find (or someone can provide) a good Genesis-esque sheet. (Must have good shocked pose, Cylent Nite preferrably)