I had a slight scare last night. I was browsing the wiki and all of a sudden my computer detected a virus. I did a virus scan of my computer but nothing showed up. Somewhat Ironic seeing as Psyche uses a computer in this issue.

Psyche's Quest 3

Credits: Psyche sprites: Psyche the Hedgehog 1997

Background: ripped by Heavy Megatal

No official character you say, well then have another:

Psyche's Quest 3-2

Credits: Sonic sprites: Cylent Nite

"Memory Sonic" sprites: Pipped by SkyLights

" Memory Tails" sprites: sheet ripped and compiled by Fox Omega Background: Background HQ

Okay for those of you wondering what has happened to Sonic: remember when Psyche said "telepathy trap" last issue and Sonic didn't move. Psyche used his powers of telepathy to connect with Sonic's conciousness and completely occupy it with the world inside his mind, which is why Sonic is going through his memories. While Sonic's mind is occupied he can't tell his body to do anything else. Think of it like when you open way too many computer programs at once and your computer freezes up, that's basically what happened to sonic. Of course if Psyche were to keep him trapped for too long he could eventually figure out what's happening and break free.