• QuasimodoBellringer

    One thing I want to state right off the bat. I am not a super obsessed Sonic fan. I am a fan of the series and like the games, but am not super obsessed with them.

    The story - Some say the story is the childish and not dark enough.....What is wrong with that?!? If it was something super dark like Sonic 06, that would be a problem, because....look at the premise of the series! A blue headgehog with superspeed fights an evil egg shaped mad scientist......does that sound like it works with a dark setting? No. Not at all. You can hae some darker elements in, and I think the Deadly Six and their dialouge (especilly Zazz) provide just enough of it. Speaking of the Deadly Six

    The Deadly Six - A lot of people hate on the Deadly 6, but I like....most…

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