I'm making this blog just 'cos I'm bored... anyway...


Go, go gogogogogogogogo... phew! (Sonic Riders)

In the time i've played Sonic, Riders has been a personal favourite of mine. The racing is fairly tense when you first race, but over time... it get a bit too easy. 

We're... gonna have to do that stage again, aren't we? (Sonic Heroes)

ah, yes, the Crush 40 era. Heroes has frustrating levels (27 minutes to do a Chaotix mission and got a C rank. True story.), difficult controls and has great music. i loved it and got Chaotix's story done first.

Aaaaaaand we have just run into a tree... (Sonic Rush Adventure)

don't ask. Anyway, this was a very easy game to play and has some great characters. The Ghost Condor almost made me throw my DS out the window...